Tuesday, May 11, 2010

for my beloved mother~

this post is specially for my mama..
i don't copy paste any poems..
i don't need formality to express my feelings..
i just need to be..ME..

for almost 20 years i've been living with you..
you taught me a lot of things..
you lead me to a bright future...
you never neglect me since i was born..
you took a very good care of me..

and there is time..
when i was in deep depression..
you knew eventhough i didnt tell you..
i was in doubt to tell you..
but i made a mistake..
you guided me to overcome my problem..
i was about to turn myself to a 'beast'..
but you stopped me..
if you hadn't stopped me..
i can't imagine what kind of person i am now..

and there's one thing bout you..
the reason that i admire you..
you are the strenght of our family..
you don't even show even you are in pain..
instead, you never fail to show us your smile..
you gave us hope when we are about to give up..
you gave us support when we are about to fall..
you gave us solution when we are in trouble..
until now..
you never disappointed us..
you never betray us..
i wish i could be like you..

i admit i have done a lot of mistakes..
it's all because of my selfishness..
my childishness..
i'm still a 'child'..
who knows a little bout life..
things that happened to me is just a gist of it..

thank you for being my mother..
thank you for taking care of me and the rest of my family..
we love you so much..

from your beloved family
papa,kaklong,kakngah,abang and walid

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